BLT Skewer

6 to 8, 4”- 6” long Cocktail picks or thin bamboo skewers 
3 to 4 Kumato® brand Tomatoes 
8 to 10 slices (3 oz.) Prosciutto, thinly sliced, 6” x 2” strips 
24 to 32 large leaves Arugula, stems removed 
2 small Ciabatta rolls, cubed 1/2” x 1/2”, leave crust on one edge 
garnish Garlic aioli, optional for dipping
Slice Kumato® brand Tomatoes in half and each half into 3 wedges.  Lay prosciutto strips on flat surface and roll up tightly into a log shape.  Slice each roll in half, creating 2 pieces. Using the end of the skewer, hold a tomato wedge horizontally and pierce through the skin.  Place two arugula leaves on top of each other, and fold over tip to stem in half, dark side out.   Slide onto skewer, pushing leaf down to the tomato.  Push 
skewer through one rolled piece of prosciutto.  Repeat.  To finish the presentation, slide a cube of ciabatta bread, piercing through the crust, onto the end of the skewer.  Repeat this procedure with all remaining ingredients.  Serve the “BLT’s” arranged in wheel fashion around a bowl of prepared garlic aioli, using the aioli as a dip for the skewers.

Tips and Serving Suggestions 
Cocktail picks are available in a variety of lengths.  If a dainty appetizer is preferred, use a shorter pick and thread only one layer of ingredients on the skewer, then finish with the iabatta.  Substitute fresh basil leaves for the arugula.  Very thinly sliced smoked ham can be substituted for the prosciutto, rolling ham in the same manner.  Pesto mayonnaise would make a great dipping sauce for this summer fresh appetizer.