The tomato with authentic style and flavor



Kumato® is a groundbreaking tomato with a style all its own. A surprise for your senses, full of vitality and freshness that allows you to enjoy the authentic, traditional tomato flavour.

Its unique external appearance, which varies from golden green to dark brown, its juicy texture and its sweet and intense flavour with slightly acidic notes, are sure to impress.

In addition, Kumato® tomatoes have a firm texture, making them the best choice for exceptional salads and many other tomato-based recipes.

Its unique character and nutritional qualities make it an ideal choice for the preparation of your healthiest and most nutritious dishes.



A very original story


In the 1970s, Luis Ortega accompanied his father to the family's fields in Adra (Almeria), a small coastal town in Spain.

His curiosity led him to discover that the tomatoes at the edges of the fields, where less water reached them, had a different colour and a sweeter, more
intense flavour.
This discovery became a personal challenge: to grow a tomato with an authentic, intense flavour and unique colour.
On the shores of the Mediterranean, Kumato®, the first brown tomato on the market, had just been born.



In Spain, they are grown in Granada, Murcia and Almería.



Grown throughout all 12 months of the year



Controlled, traditional and natural cultivation 

The Kumato® tomato is produced by selected growers, who take care of the growth of this peculiar and original brown tomato in greenhouses, combining traditional cultivation methods with the most advanced and modern technology and controlling it under strict quality controls, allowing us to enjoy this tasty tomato all year round.