A 100% natural crop with universal benefits

Kumato® quality begins in the field, where farmers carefully selected by Syngenta tend to its growth using traditional techniques and natural cultivation methods.

It ripens from the inside out, always on the vine. As a result, its natural appearance evolves from dark brown to golden green, providing juicy, firm-textured fruit with high fructose levels.

Kumato® is grown in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey and Canada, which guarantees their consumption in optimal conditions of flavour and quality all year round. Mini Kumato® tomatoes are grown exclusively in the UK and Spain.

The entire cultivation process follows a strict protocol and requires the use of environmentally friendly cultivation management techniques. But the certified quality controls required by Syngenta Seeds go beyond the field and also include the harvesting and distribution processes up to the point of sale, with the aim of guaranteeing the selection and consumption of the best quality fruit.

Our commitment:
Growing the best tomatoes while protecting the environment.

Our international project, Operation Pollinator, aims to extend biodiversity by boosting pollinator populations in our growing areas. To this end, we allocate 2-6% of our cultivation areas to sowing mixed aromatic plants, such as lavender and rosemary.

Kumato® tomatoes grow on a special tomato plant cultivar that naturally produces dark but extraordinarily sweet fruit. This is due to their "Brix level" (fructose content), which is naturally higher than in traditional red tomatoes.


Immediate: they are harvested just when they are ready to eat.


Uncut, up to 2 weeks at room temperature


If you refrigerated due to warm climate, take them out 1 hour before serving.


Store in the refrigerator in a hermetically sealed plastic container.