Others Say

convinced me that these are natural, wholesome fruits."
"Kumato® tomatoes are magnificent. Incredibly tasty, they are juicy and firm at the same time! They are more expensive, but well worth the extra expense."
"My children have never liked tomatoes, but when I tried the Kumato® tomatoes, I thought perhaps they would like these, and they love them!”
"I never bought them because they looked so brown and greenish... But then I asked the person selling them and she told me that’s the way they are. To think what I’ve missed all this time!”
"Kumato® has a certain style... it makes me think of food in luxury restaurants. But they’re so delicious that we don’t wait for special occasions to eat them!”

“I no longer buy normal tomatoes. How could I go back to eating insipid tomatoes?"

"I’ve never been a big fan of tomatoes, but this summer I discovered Kumato®. This is the taste of a real tomato!“

"We have a vegetable farm in the north. Having tried Kumato® tomatoes, we are seriously thinking about abandoning the cultivation of standard tomatoes. We would be grateful if you would send us some seeds of this tomato. We are prepared to pay whatever you ask!"