Mini Kumato® tomatoes with poached quail eggs, fresh truffle, foie micuit and apple - Nova Atlántida

Starters and salads


Ingredients (4 servings)

    • 4 Kumato® cherry tomatoes
    • 4 quail eggs
    • Fresh truffle to taste
    • Foie micuit to taste
    • Apple, diced and caramelised, julienned
    • Arbequina olive oil
    • Maldon salt


    1. Open the tomatoes, spread out a piece of cling film and brush with a little oil, add the raw egg (shelled) and form a little pouch.
    2. Complete this process four times, bring water to boil and put the pouches in for 3 minutes, take out and remove the film.
    3. Slice the truffle and the foie micuit, dice the apple and sauté it with a little water and sugar to caramelise and assemble the dish.

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    Pair with a Sauternes sweet wine.